Andreea Dican

I’m a freelance photographer and videographer based in Berlin - but always ready to travel. Seriously. My suitcase is packed.

What can I help you with?

A photograph can say a thousand words. A great photograph does not need any words.

With a background in Communication and Public Relations and a vast experience in working at events, festivals and advertising campaigns, I can help you create the perfect high-quality visual content for promoting your products and services that will reach out to your target audience.

Event Photography and Videography - Corporate parties or private events. You won’t even notice I’m there, but you can relive the moments after.

Documentation of Performances - Musicians, Dancers, Actors - my favorite type of photographs to shoot.

Corporate branding - Are you trying to promote yourself or your products? I can provide a set of photographs and videos to show the world who you are or what you do. Perfect for your website or for all your social media outlets. They can be as business or as casual as you like.

Not finding what you are looking for? Feel free to contact me and we can figure something out that suits you perfectly.